Commit f732dbe6 authored by Eirik Martin Danielsen's avatar Eirik Martin Danielsen 💬
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Merge branch '35-remove-dead-code-and-cleanup' of...

Merge branch '35-remove-dead-code-and-cleanup' of into 35-remove-dead-code-and-cleanup

fix remove dir
parents 66261209 b7e970a5
......@@ -23,7 +23,6 @@ class SalamandersEndpoint(Resource):
for salamander in salamanders:
number_of_images = db.session.query(SalamanderGrowth).filter_by(
last_date = db.session.query(SalamanderGrowth).filter_by(
ret = {"id":, "sex":, "individuals": len(number_of_images), "species": salamander.species, "date":}
return jsonify({"salamanders": salamander_list, 'status': 200})
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